Remember this is for individuals and families self-isolating (not people working from home). It may take up to an hour for your data to show on the map.

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We built this website to help people who are self isolating and to build statistical data on the numbers of people self-isolating across the UK.


What does I'mselfisolating.org do?

We're anonymously collecting data from the public and publishing the location (based on the address) on a map.


Is that it?

No, actually, we also ask people to let us know if they need help or support whilst self-isolating. When someone adds their details and ticks the button saying they need help, their dot on the map is shown as a different colour. It's still anonymous, but it means the local community can see that someone nearby might need help, and hopefully act accordingly.


Anything else?

We're also interested to see the statistical data that comes form a project like this, which again we hope will help the community and country in general during the Coronavirus situation. Finally, we've added a donate button which will be used to help those in the community struggling with the reality of self-isolation. Of course there's no obligation to donate.


There's no hidden agenda, we just want to help the communities of the UK as much as possible, and hopefully this tool will help us all get through the Coronavirus outbreak and come together as safely as possible.

Thanks and stay safe


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Any money raised through donations will go towards helping families and individuals in these uncertain times. Thanks so much for your support.

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